diskless infrared remote controlled linux mp3 / cd player


what is 'HAL-UI' ?
basically HAL-UI is a mp3 / cd player which communicates with the user via infrared remote and the speakers of a diskless pc :)
linux is the operating system of choice. my 'hal' is a debian based diskless client connected to my fileserver with 100Mbits ethernet.
mp3 / cd playing is provided by the SDL and theSMPEG libraries. user input via remote control is handled by LIRC.

when will it be released ?
it will be released under the terms of the GPL as soon as it does not segfault that often :)

state ?
cd player : 100% (fully operationable)
mp3 player : 70% (mp3 playing works, playlist actions work, but it is a bit difficult to implement the playing of system messages etc.)
overall : 50%

future ?
I definitely want a web interface .. later.

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